Status of eMunie?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iRabbit, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. manictest

    manictest New Member

    The thing is that a lower price incentivizes people to take a chance on an as yet unproven network. If it's at parity it's psychologically much more difficult to ask people to take a chance on it, even if the total market cap was the same. At $1 I can't see people wanting to risk the loss of their funds on this project, people are willing to take that risk in return for a chance at high initial appreciation.
  2. Mario

    Mario Beta Testers

    Well, this is a non-issue. it's decided and makes sense :)

    1 RDX (?) = 1$.

    let's move on.
  3. pastet89

    pastet89 New Member

    What will happen to loterry winners after the price has been set to 1 USD? We were promised to get 10k EMU worth 0.1 USD each.
  4. tesslerc

    tesslerc Beta Testers

    So you will probably receive 1K eMu at the price of 1 USD each.

    simple logic :)

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