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Discussion in 'Project Organization' started by danisapfirov, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. danisapfirov

    danisapfirov Beta Testers

    Hi guys,

    I would like to know what would you say if eMunie Support Fund is created.

    1. Rising funds and taking part in IPO when it happen.
    2. Purchasing hardware and servers to support the network at location where it is mostly needed.
    3. Supporting application development on top of eMunie network Support for Dan's core development if needed?
    4. Online eMunie Magazin in different languages to coordinate our efforts
    5. Support for marketing campaigns, documents and videos
    6. More...

    The fund should work in coordination with Dan Hughes.

    Initially the fund will be created on NXT blockchain and then will be relocated in eMunie network.

    Would be interesting to hear your thoughts about this ideas.

  2. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    An interesting idea indeed, but I'd be willing to bet that after you've had a chance to read the strategic business plan (most likely to be released during the open beta period) I think you will find that it covers all of the above. Effectively, it outlines the strategy and tactics we plan to employ far above and beyond what any other project has ever even considered.

    Regardless, your enthusiasm to think outside of the box are always appreciated.
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  3. danisapfirov

    danisapfirov Beta Testers

    Thank you Peachy for sharing your thoughts. eMunie is a huge progect, game changer and I am thinking what can be done to support it.

    I have some NXT experience and think we can do something representing eMunie on the NXT blockchain. It won't hurt. I don't expect Dan and founders to take part in this as this is another crypto and another community.

    I am looking more to people outside current eMunie community, people that have not heard of eMunie so far.

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