eMunie currency symbol - how to use it in this forum?

Discussion in 'Meta' started by wingspan, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    BTT setup their forum so putting the bitcoin symbol (B with two lines) into posts was/is easy.

    Has Visin or anyone thought of doing that here for our eMunie currency symbol upload_2015-11-18_14-37-20.png (e with 1 line)? It would be the first step in promoting that symbol so that eventually it would qualify as "popular" enough to get added to the Unicode standard.

    Or is there an easier way to say:

    Price: 25.3 upload_2015-11-18_14-37-6.png

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  2. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer eMunie Founder Staff Member


    you mean that?

    Thats a UTF-8 character accessed with the following codes:

    U+0247 or c987 or ɇ

    But yeah we could add it to the editor too I guess :)
  3. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    We could hijack the summation symbol as it "looks" like an "e" ;): Σ
  4. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    thanks, it isn't a perfect match but since you like it, I like it.
    I found this info on wikipedia for those curious.
    I updated the wiki style guide, too with this symbol. I wondered, should we put the symbol before the number or after? (is this "price: ɇ5.5" better than "price: 5.5ɇ"?)
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  5. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer eMunie Founder Staff Member

    hmm the summation symbol is pretty good match too! maybe we should have a discussion/poll about this
  6. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    current contenders:
    1) upload_2015-11-18_20-11-51.png (no font yet. Size would shrink appropriately, first)
    2) ɇ (U+0247)
    3) Σ (U+003a3)

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  7. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    consider that it is not too hard to get new entries created in unicode as long as we as a community can show one version of the symbol is the standard within a lot of our own documentation. So while it may not be easy pushing for the first choice above since it has no unicode, yet.... if we think about what is right for the long term, it will mean eventually it will be in unicode and in common fonts and maybe eventually on keyboards in 20 years. Here is some research link for bitcoin's unicode efforts: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1235994.msg12891209#msg12891209
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  8. Alfred Duler

    Alfred Duler Beta Testers

    2) is the cleanest for a beginning, and much less used than Σ so people will connect it to emunie quicker IMO.
    Especially if it is after a number for money quantification, 52ɇ - 5,2$ etc...
  9. Thomas

    Thomas Beta Testers

    ɇ is by far the best. It's UTF-8, unlike 1) and it has no real meaning so far, which is quite important.

    The Σ is a no-go. Looks worse than ɇ and is a standard symbol in mathematics.

    As for the order of ɇ and the amount, the normal english way would be : ɇ20.1

    Many use it the other way round though, which I find also to be more intuitive, as you say it that way: 20.1ɇ
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  10. Lemming

    Lemming Founders

    I prefer the first option. I don't think we should go for an existing Unicode/UTF symbol, just because it resembles, but is not quite the same as, what we had in mind. I really don't like that ɇ has a slanted / diagonal stroke. Unlike the vertical bar in our original design, which is also used in other currency symbols, this just looks like (or it actually is) a crossed out e. Like wingspan said, we should promote our own symbol, and if eMunie gets popular the symbol will be added to Unicode eventually.

    Also consider that the glyph ɇ is not in common use for the moment, which means it won't be included in a lot of fonts.
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  11. TheProfileth

    TheProfileth Beta Testers

    eMunie could have it's own official font for all languages and that could solve the issue
    Secondarily, I also support the ɇ as the symbol and will consider using it to refer to emu
    I also want to consider (e) or (ɇ) if you have the font but having the option to do both seems like a good comprise to me.
    In regard to formatting I feel like
    10.00-(e)/10.00-(ɇ) is a good format that gets the point across
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  12. HumanResources

    HumanResources New Member

    btw why i cant post a new thread here?
  13. salfuk

    salfuk Beta Testers

    Got to be 2 for me looks smart and also have it before the value
  14. skywave

    skywave Founders Staff Member

    i like #2 too :)

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