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Discussion in 'Graveyard' started by lovely89, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. lovely89

    lovely89 Beta Testers

    Will this help eMunie? I'm guessing it does and will allow all coins to complement each other through cross chain trading (obviously just one benefit).

    Or has Dan already wrote his AT functionality?

    Exciting times.
  2. Jazzer

    Jazzer The Dutch connection Staff Member

    Probably the scripting language that Dan has put in already covers this (it's already in there though he hasn't put much documentation out on it yet). The good thing of this CIYAM AT project is that it is open source under a very liberal license (MIT license). Therefore, you can use it even in closed source projects, and it has a higher likelihood of getting adopted by multiple cryptos. I guess it would be nice to make sure that eMunie is compatible with this, in the sense that if BTC or other major cryptos were to implement this it would be very easy to exchange BTC-EMU stuff directly. Obviously I have no idea how easy/hard that would be to realize. I'm guessing 'Turing complete' is 'Turing complete' so anything goes with some additional effort to get the two understand each other.

    I agree with the comment in that topic about Ethereum being obsolete before it even launches. This looks a bit like a plugin that any crypto can include to instantly trump Ethereum. Of course, for that to work it needs to be included in the sourcecode first! Bitcoin is slow as f*ck in improving its core, so not likely that it will do this anytime soon. But I expect that soon enough new coins including this functionality will be announced daily on BTT.
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  3. SomethingElse

    SomethingElse Beta Testers

    CIYAM writing this and releasing it open source and with such a free license is a HUGE development in crypto. He made just pennies for his work and I hope he is rewarded someday for it.
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  4. Cobra

    Cobra Founders Staff Member

    Everyone is different. I would hate to be the guy that puts years of work and personal money into a project in "hopes" that a community will properly reward/reimburse him via donations for all of his hard work to maybe break even. There are people out there that will do the right thing but the majority of them will not donate to show appreciation.

    I respect CIYAM for doing so but it does not mean the same thing should apply to all projects. It is really a case by case basis if that will be possible. If someone has spent hundreds of thousands in time/expenses wrapped up in a project think of how many donations it would take to break even? If I had to advise someone like this I would say "Do not trust people to do the right thing".

    I don't want to get into the whole open source debate again but there are other ways to accomplish the goal of having other eyes on the code checking for vulnerability like Academic review or 3rd party consultant under an NDA. In an environment where copying code is the name of the game who in their right mind would want to let people piggyback on years of hard work without putting in the time. This only causes more confusion and lessen the impact of the 1st true version. When looking at the bigger picture of something that has the potential to really compete with BTC, the crypto community doesn't deserve to have access to something that is as innovative as eMunie. The BTC community has shown their character overall. Yes some very good dev's are out there with great ideas/skills and good character but they are far and few to the general ways of the BTC community. Everyone is just out to make a quick buck and does not look at the big picture on something that will be here still being used in 5 or 15 years from now with consideration for that type of environment and the network performance required to be a success.
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  5. cryptrader

    cryptrader Founders Staff Member

    I fully anticipate an epic butthurting to hit Etherium investors next year. Between the clones (IBM has expressed interested in creating their own fork of Etherium), the miners and the fact that their terms and conditions state they can walk away with the money at any point without delivering anything, the chances of ETH falling to below IPO levels is extremely high.
  6. Cisco

    Cisco Beta Testers

    IBM "forking" Ethereum should be put into context.

    Regarding the devs walking away with the money. Sure, they could do that, and then totally destroy their credibility forever. Highly unlikely.

    Fact is, Ethereum has a whole team of brilliant minds and they now have the financial resources to truly dedicate themselves and accelerate their growth much faster than they could have otherwise. Chances things will go right? I say highly likely.

    Could the price fall below what investors paid, Sure. But that's for the market to decide. And that really doesn't matter if as an investor you are willing to sit it out, because eventually it will go back up, assuming Ethereum is successful in their goals.
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